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Local Event Planner uses Classified LaneBusiness Hub to Run their Business daily.
As an event planning company we needed Help with designing invitations, Researching Venues, sending out daily emails, managing social media and growing our social media accounts. We have been  using Classified Lane (CLS) Business Hub and it has really made a difference. They have made it easy for us we just send them a list of things we need to be done, they send us a quote and they do it”

Sections Used: Web designer, Freelance admin, social media marketing and weekly mainteinance, Lead Generation, Sales Calls,  For Sale

Sections Used: Web designer, SEO, Submit website to  search engines, Suppliers & Retailers of goods

Sections Used: Invitation Cards, Venue, Flowers, Catering, Waiters & Waiteress, Wedding Dress, Shoes, Furniture, Event Planner, Live band, Photographer,