My Job World Factory journey

John November 17, 2020

I had no clue what earning online entailed. Until i come across a blog on Job World Factory through which, I joined Remarkable freelancers across the globe. I must admit to have learnt so much from these site about making money online.

The overwhelming many success stories that I used to read in this freelancer site kept on motivating me.I raised my interest high and my hopes higher. All this while something behind my mind kept telling me that this was a freelancing gold mine. So far all my profiles had been approved at this point.

I started selling copy gigs and implemented what I had learnt from guides and tutorials online. I made my first successful Job world factory gig sale on whopping $15 from a 1000 word landing page sales copy for an Academy world marketing course. In order to get my first order, I did pitch the super American client through the client requests.

I would make my second sale a fortnight later, $5 for a VSL outline. This time around, there was no pitching involved in getting this order.

This is what raised my full interest in Job World Factory, sitting back and waiting for clients to inquire of my services. Just like in the market.

All my profiles has earned me enough so far to be called good Return on Investment.

Job World Factory is an online market that provide an online platform where freelancers can advertise and list their available services. There are too many tasks available on the site despite your skills. From writers to web Ads managers, Job World Factory has something everyone. Earn up to $10,000 a month as an Ads manager working on