AK-101 5.56mm Kalashnikov Assault Rifle for sale

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We offer the best deals for AK-101 5.56mm Kalashnikov Assault Rifle
for sale. The AK-101 is a selective fire weapon that can be fired in
semi-automatic or fully automatic mode. The disassembly procedure for
the AK-101 is identical to that for the AK-74. The AK-101 has a mounting
rail installed on the side of the receiver for mounting scopes and other
optical sights, which will accept most types of Russian and European AK optics.
The rifle accepts most synthetic and metal AK-74 style magazines with a capacity
of 30 rounds. The AK-101 has a 415 mm (16.3 in) barrel with an AK-74 style muzzle
brake attached to the barrel to control muzzle rise.

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