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Do you wantcto join diffrent people who would like study what causes financial crises of a country
Also you will learn that
this course closely examines the path of public policy, whether fiscal stimulus plans or the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, through the nuts and bolts of—and from the viewpoint of—the capital markets.
financial innovation, globalization, and communication are distorting the economic effect of traditional government monetary and/or fiscal influence

What you’ll learn

To learn anatomy for the human figure.
Learn the skeleton.
Learn the muscles and where they attach so you can draw the figure from imagination.
Learn all about how to draw breasts and their mechanics, how they squish, attach, etc.
Learn to draw skin and fat, where fat builds up.
Learn to draw, heads, faces, hands, and feet.
Putting it all together. Learning specific parts of the body on motion, to better understand some more difficult muscles.

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