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At Kisiel Group, we are a design and build contractor in Kent and all works are constructed by our team. We offer full consultancy for developers construction projects by designing, planning and constructing to meet requirements.

Our design teams investigate a broad range of design and procurement options, analyze risks and ensure that developers are considering all the essential elements of a project that can influence its outcome. Plus, we will help you get planning permission so you can begin your project.

Neighbours will be your biggest obstacle for planning permission so it is essential you develop good neighbour relations. As design and build experts in Kent, we will advise you on how to get your neighbours on side and display to the planning case officer that you value the opinion of local residents.

An example of a planning permission case study that we got approved was our application for a block of apartments in Poplar, London. We originally wanted to construct a four storey block but after a meeting with the planning officers they recommended a 5 storey building instead. As a result of our pre-application planning meeting we were able to get an even better deal.

We are also open to joint ventures where we are happy to work with a property developer by offering our countless years of experience or funding the finance needed for a specific project. Or if you are an investor we can manage the construction of a project and then provide a profitable return on your investment in a short period of time.

We offer the following services as a design and build contractor in Kent:

Land Acquisition
Feasibility Studies
Planning Permissions
Value Engineering
Cost Consultancy
Property Development
Here are a few benefits of hiring us as your design and build contractor in Kent:

Single point of responsibility
Earlier commencement of work on-site
Cost-effective early price
Use of contractors experience for design
Design and Build Contractor Kent