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In a world where digital technology is evolving every day, so is the demand for skilled individuals in the IT Terrain. The most recent university graduates lack the hands-on skill training that could minimize the gap between the recruiter and the job seeker. At the same time, every necessary training and guidance to all the individuals provided their career, skillset and earning potential also increases.

Nowadays many companies and organizations invest a lot of time and money in getting their candidates to upgrade their skills and bring them to the level that is required by most of the organizations. This is the ongoing challenge for every corporate working environment in the world for a very long time. To provide solutions for these constant emerging problems, and to save time and considerable amount of money for the organizations, there is a service which helps these corporate enterprises with a service by the name HTD model- that is Hire, Train and Deploy.

Maintec being one of the fastest-growing IT staffing giants. It offers comprehensive services like HTD- Hire, Train & Deploy to its clients globally. We are equipped with world-class infrastructure and seasoned with all the latest technologies required for delivering the training and the team that understands the client’s requirements, technologies and services. In an instance, your company can be benefitted from the Hire, Train, and Deploy model, feel free to get in touch.