Panel Station is a digital MR products and solutions company

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Company Description: Panel Station is a digital MR products and solutions company. It provides access to experiences and life moments of engaged consumers, driven by Technology & Community Analytics, to its global clientele of MR firms, Ad Agencies, Consultancy firms, and End Enterprises who need responsive, high quality, valuable insights of hard-to-reach audiences (Consumers, B2B & Specialist Audiences, including Healthcare) in all the World’s developed and rapidly growing economies, with its 5.8 million proprietary panelists in 34 countries, conducting over 6.8 million surveys annually.

Campaign Description: By promoting ThePanelStation affiliates can monetise their traffic by sending users who will Sign up & Register. After registration end user may get reward from ThePanelStation if they are responsive to the survey.Every survey fetches the user reward points ranging from 100 to 5000 depending on the complexity and length of every survey. The Panel Station automatically credits the points earned to your account. The user needs minimum 3000 points in his account to start redeeming.

Campaign Objective: The objective of the campaign is to target the given set audience and get a complete survey done through the affiliate link.

Target Group:

Age : 18 to 65
Cities : Tier2,3
Market : India
Target audience: Male, Female
Restrictions : Adult Traffic, Disposal Email ID, Repeated IP address, Dead Leads


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