What Is the Truth? Kindle Edition

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Many have sought truth yet do not recognize or acknowledge the truth when it is in plain sight. Truth is simple, and it’s not as complicated as people attempt to make it. Nor is it as complex as some attempt to describe it—some find it easier to accept a complicated lie than a simple truth. But what does the Bible say when it comes to the question of truth?

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What Is the Truth? explains this search for truth and takes us on a journey of reality and actuality, perceptions and misconceptions. In today’s culture of alternative truth and realities, there are deceptions and lies that lead to a perversion of truth. Author E. B. Staples shares several of his inspired poems about the power of truth, and he brings a beautiful insight to the age-old question of what is truth. What Is the Truth? shows how truth cannot be known without faith in the author of all truth, God, and that there can be no truth apart from the creator of truth and all humanity.

All things must have a beginning, and in the beginning there was the word, and that word was truth. The word of truth spoke, and all things came into existence. We should thus be inspired to seek and find truth in God’s words and in all life experiences, for our Lord God is the source of all truth.

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